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        I have found that Cardas Parsec cables seem to work very well. Each speaker has also a power conditioner attached. I would agree that expensive cords like the Shunyata are probably not necessary: I use some Shunyatas to power my basic amps. I also have old Versalab wood blocks in the line for my speakers’ power. If you can find them anywhere, they are good. if you want to go the inexpensive route, try Pangea cables.

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          I can’t believe it, but I have had real improvements using Shunyata Alpha NR cables. I don’t think it is a matter of the conduction characteristics, but I think the filter they put on the cables does a lot to quite the noise of the bias supplies. I think the speakers are either susceptible to, or generate a lot of gunk in the system.

          In the past, people had great luck with a Wattmaster cable with crazy shielding and filtering. I cannot recall the model, but it wasn’t on the budget end.

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            Without serious A/B testing (because I don’t believe it’s worth the effort) I am of the opinion expensive power cords for the bias supply is not important. If others have found otherwise, I too would like to know.

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              I use Transparent power cable for my A1 connected to Richard Gray power conditioner with great result.

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                Hello Soundlab enthusiasts, can you please recommend some good (and not too expensive) power cables for Soundlab A3 speakers. I have no idea what power cable to choose to drive A3… Anti-Cables ? Pangea ? Cardass ? Shunyata ? … Please help

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