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        Since a potentiometer is a variable ohmage (0~some ohmic value) device replacing the ‘pot’ with a 4 ohm resistor is equal to a fixed rotation equaling 4ohms and this will have an effect upon the circuit to a degree. As a reference 0 ohms=no effect upon circuit.

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          The brilliance control (variable resistor) burning out is a low probability. Several of us have replaced it with a fixed resistor (about 4 ohms) on the hopes of better sound.

          I had a power supply go out last year on 2005/2006 back plates. A fairly easy DIY fix, with some soldering.

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            I have read a few comments about the Brilliance Control on the SL speakers burning out. I this a real concern? As a new owner of SL speakers, it unnerves to to read of failure in any parts of the speakers. Do I need to be concerned? Thanks for any input that will put my mind at rest. I simply want to enjoy my speakers. I’m not looking to start modifying them. Cheers.

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