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        I have had Soundlabs since about 2003 and during that time had several cats. For some reason they all left the speakers alone. Even one that habitually attacked my dynamic (Mirage M1) speakers. All of them would scratch other furniture, but not my Soundlabs.

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          Anyone out there have Soundlabs and cats co-existing? I looked high and low to find a definitive answer on safety concerns given the high bias voltage on the stators, coming up empty. Did not see a single thing addressing this on the web or the Soundlab web site.

          I just sent Soundlab an email on this, hoping they will provide a definitive answer, but still am curious with other owners experience. Is the Soundlab only suitable for dog owners?

          Here was the question posed to Soundlab:

          “I am looking at getting some Soundlab speakers and have a question regarding safety concerns given the bias high voltage. I looked at the “PX Technology” page and diagram of the panel, but can’t get my arms around how the parts relate in cross section relative to front and rear cloth grills. My concern is our cat deciding to climb the panel front or rear and being at risk of contacting the high voltage stator. Would the construction of the panel make that possible? If somehow a cat did contact the stator, is that potentially a lethal risk or more like a static discharge?”

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