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        I love the metal frames.

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          Thanks muchly. The U-890s look awesome!

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          John V

            Hi Ralph,

            Good to hear from you!
            The Herbie’s I use are the stud gliders and they have no point/base.

            Below are a few pix. of the modified frames along with one
            shot of a stud glider.
            Roger had his metal fabricator make up the extensions and then shipped them unfinished to me where I had a local auto body shop
            paint them. I supplied the shop with one of the metal caps from the frames so they could get a good color match. I had a few issues with fitment at first but was ultimately able to get them installed.


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              Hi John V,

              I have U-1PX and use the standard feet instead of the points. I noticed TWB uses bases under the points. With the Herbies, are you using the point?

              Also, I would really like to see a photo of your U890s. If memory serves, you were able to upgrade your U-1s to the taller version with extensions to the frame to support the new bass focus panels.


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              John V

                Hi Mike,

                Glad to hear your upgrading to the M845’s, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the additional headroom especially at the bottom end with the bass focus configuration. Keep us posted with your progress.


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                  Thanks John V for mentioning Herbie’s Giant Stud Gliders. On Herbie’s Stud Glider page, one needs to scroll down to see that larger “Giant” ones are available.

                  As I plan on replacing my M1PX’s with the larger Majestic 845’s now that I have the ceiling height to accommodate M-845’s, the Giant Gliders are definitely on my short list.

                  Unfortunately, because of their size, auditioning footers with Soundlabs is a difficult task. Perhaps an owner or dealer that has had the ability and wherewithal to evaluate several different footers will chime in….

                  With my purchase of “Tiptoes” decades ago, I found that footers do indeed make a positive difference. I just wonder what that difference may be when it comes to Soundlabs?

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                    I am using the Herbies gliders with the cup to center the speaker spikes. Didn’t do much listening at all to current setup without, so I can’t comment on differences. I will say that there is a clear benefit of being able to easily adjust the alignment with the gliders on my tile floor.

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                    John V

                      Hi Mike,

                      I’m also using Herbie’s threaded stud gliders. Actually I started out using the standard gliders and then switched over to the Giant
                      Stud Gliders as they made my U890’s more stable and easier to move with the larger footprint. Can’t say as I heard a difference between the two but then tweak differences have never been my forte, YMMV.

                      One other concern, at least in my situation, is ceiling clearance as the other types of footers are much taller (1.5″-2″) than the Herbies(.6″). Although my SL’s are in a vaulted ceiling area if I need to move into the 8ft ceiling area of my room they would never clear with the other brands. Moving them is an experience as I’m sure Tom knows as he has owned 845’s-945’s in the past.

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                        In the Post: “Sonic difference between non PX vs PX panels” TWB mentioned that everything upstream of the Soundlabs makes a difference including vibration control and cited that Stillpoints have “enhanced my system”.

                        The mention of vibration control, got me wondering what footers are being used for Soundlabs? I’m presently using Herbie’s “Threaded Stud Glider”

                        I haven’t A/B’ed the Herbie’s Stud Glider against other footers. Hence, my question about what others are using or have found beneficial.

                        At $16.35 each, Herbie’s are relatively inexpensive. Other footers like Stillpoints are quite expensive. Which therefore makes the price vs performance ratio a more important consideration.

                        I’ve found IsoAcoustics products to generally have a decent price vs performance ratio. However, their (200lb capacity) GAIA I footer is around $600 for 4. Given their weight handling, that’s not terribly expensive as far as audiophile tweaks are concerned. Howeever, it would be expensive, if their results were equal to, or not that much better than Herbie’s gliders.

                        Finding what works and then being able to do so for the least amount of cost, is a laudable goal. But it’s a goal that is definitely difficult to attain.

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