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        Regarding thread sizing and footers in general, Dr. West provided the following information January, 2020, for my new Majestic 845PX’s:

        The speakers each use 5 footers, and the mounting thread is 1/4-20. The length is 1″.

        We use carpet glides as standard since it makes moving the speakers easier. There are quite a few footers available on the market and it’s best in my opinion that customers research what they feel works best for them.

        Spikes have a universal appeal from an appearance
        standpoint, and we use them on our Ultimate series, but they have no acoustical advantage due to the fact that the vibrantional
        energy density of the speakers is relatively low and is distributed over a larger area. In contrast, high-intensity small-box speakers would benefit using spikes since it would relieve the enclosure of some of the vibrational energy.

        In your situation wherein the floor is concrete with a covering of carpet, I personally would recommend the carpet glides from a functional standpoint, but then there’s an aesthetic factor that can’t be denied which might suggest a different footer design. Hope this helps.

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          Mike B: Thanks for the link. Can you confirm that the M6 16mm is the correct thread and length of stud for this application?

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            Hi Everyone who replied to my Question about Isolation feet.

            I did purchase and install 10 Isoacoustic Isolation feet and carpet spikes.

            Installed them and will give a review and a week or so.

            Thanks for all your helpful comments.

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            John V

              Like MikeB, I too use Herbie’s Giant Gliders with my 890PXBF’s.
              As Mike also indicated, it makes moving the speakers easier, even on a carpeted floor, well at least to some degree.;))

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                I use Herbie’s Audio Lab Giant Threaded Stud Gliders on my 845PX’s Herbie’s Audio Giant (vs standard) Threaded Stud Gliders

                Whether they added an improvement — or perhaps otherwise — I don’t know, because I didn’t do a before and after trial.

                However, For their fairly modest price and the fact they aid moving/sliding the speakers, they seemed to be worth a shot.

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                  My U1-PX Has the footers that came with the speakers and stand on oriental rugs. I tried those Iacoustic vibration control systems, and found that they took a little bit away from the music and so I returned them.

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                    I’d try them. I installed AV Roomservice EVPs under my Sound Labs and liked the effect. I suspect it has more to do with reducing sympathetic vibrations of the floor than it does with the speakers themselves.

                    EVP Equipment Vibration Protectors

                    As a note my speakers are on a wood floor with a basement underneath. If you have carpet on a slab I doubt there will be much effect.


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                        Good Morning fellow Audiophiles

                        Recently I just purchased a pair of Majestic 645 speakers from Sound lab.
                        They are Fantastic.

                        In the past I have had a pair of Gaia 2 Isolation feet on most my speakers.
                        The Sound Lab 645 have glides on the base of speakers.

                        Has anyone using Sound Lab Speakers installed Gaia 2 Isolation feet, with spikes on their Speakers? If so what did you hear?


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