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        This is strange… my earlier response not appearing. Anyway, the scenario is as below.

        The pot is indeed dirty. It was measure 1.445 kOhm and goes to no connection or high resistant when I turn them. The other pot was okay. After cleaning now bot measures 8 to 17 at minimum and at max is about 1 kOhm.

        Now just finished cleaning and about the instal them.

        TWB, yes I did swap the power cable.

        Will report back.


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          Have you tried replacing the AC cable?

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            Did you isolate the issue to the right channel backplate? To verify that it is the backplate and not the panel you will need to swap the right channel backplate with the left one. If you experience the same problems on the left channel after swapping back plates, then you know that the problem is your right channel backplate. You can send pictures to SL with a description of the problem. If SL can identify the faulty component, they should be able to ship you the replacement part so you don’t have to send the backplate back to SL.

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                Thank you for the input. Managed to contact SL and they too suggested the same. I think both backplate is dying slowly. I am just waiting for the capacitors to discharge before opening the backplate and swapping them. This September it will be 8 years old.😢

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                👋 old new member here.

                Today the right speaker M3PX was working. After unplugging and Re plug them it worked for a while with low level. Then I unplugged and increased the gain from 11 to 2 and then plugged in, it is working fine.

                Actually, the problem started sometime back where I noticed that when I adjust the right speaker’s gain there won’t be any sound until I unplug the power supply or turn off and on again after few seconds.

                I am in Malaysia and sending to US is the last option for me as the cost would be too prohibitive.

                Any help is much appreciated.

                Thank you.

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