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        Yes I did!
        I had to move backplates to find out that the problem was with a backplate, not the panel; much harder to ship the panel!
        Shipped it out to Soundlab, found out it was the bias gone bad
        I now have the backplate back and my system has never sounded better
        Total cost with 2 way shipping : about $ 450
        and a little over a month without hearing my beloved speakers

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          Did you ever find out what the problem was with your back plates?

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          Massimo Stefanizzi

            Thank you operaman58, I wish you all the best! It won’t be too bad.
            Best regards Massimo 🙂

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              Malfuncitioning Backplate was received @ Soundlab in Gunnison,UT on 9/25/19.
              Awaiting analysis of the problem
              Will post as soon as I hear anything

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              John V

                +1 on that Massimo, much easier to return the backplate than the panel
                for service.
                I’m very curious to know what went failed in the bias supply.

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                Massimo Stefanizzi

                  I find it great that the weakest link is the backplate, not the panel 🙂

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                    I exchanged the fuses to no avail thus excluding that as the problem
                    Next I exchanged the backplates : the problem followed a backplate. So I have a backplate gone bad
                    I’m a bit surprised; I assumed the panels were the weakest link!
                    I believe I have the PX due to the manufacture in 2011
                    I have contacted Dr West and await further instructions from him. I assume he will want me to ship the faulty backpanel to the factory.

                    I do appreciate your help and will keep you posted!

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                    John V

                      The fuses are glass and have a very thin wire, you have to very closely to see it, connecting the two metal end caps.

                      Also, and I know this is obvious, make sure you power to the backplate, sometimes “stuff” happens.😬

                      Too bad your far away, I’m
                      I’m NY, otherwise I could lend more of a physical hand.

                      BTW, are your panels the PX

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                        I’m located in McAllen TX, a border town!
                        Re the fuses : are you referring to the glass cylinders in the screw cap enclosures on the top of the back plates? I switched them with no effect. Are they even fuses : they are glass cylinders with a metal cap on each end but I would expect to see a fuse wire down the middle but the cylinders are both empty; do the functioning fuses lie inside the back plates?

                        I think your idea of switching the back plates is very good, I hope to try it out on the next day or two as soon as I’m able to

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                        John V

                          Hi Opera man,

                          Check the fuse, you should be able to see if the fuse is blown.

                          Next, try swapping back plates to isolate the problem.
                          If the problem switches to the other panel it is in the backplate.

                          Where are you located?


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                            I have owned and listened too with great delight and satisfaction, a pair of 845s since mid 2014 : I understand they have a manufacture date of Aug 2011

                            Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I had no sound coming from the left speaker; the system had performed satisfactorily in the morning; incidentally I listen to primarily classical music/ opera at modest listening levels ( definitely below live level of decibels)!

                            Turning up the bias all the way up did not produce any crackling sound

                            I checked and rechecked the electrical connections

                            Is this a problem with the panel or the electronics?

                            Is it a bad fuse?

                            If this should provide a clue I noticed a few months ago that the left panel seemed to be more sensitive to any increase in the bias setting , I was careful to reduce it to the low setting, 1one that had faint occasional cracklingeven so when the system was powered on I notice a mild boom coming from the left speaker; during that same time I would notice a single crackling sound coming from the same speaker about every 5-10 min or so.
                            Of course now it is completely silent !

                            Any insight /suggestions would be appreciated!

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