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        Thanks ACH. I’ll give it a shot. I would think the difference in bias would be evident in the whole spectrum, but it’s worth trying.

        I appreciate the input.

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          I’d go through setting bias on each speaker again and see if that fixes it. It sounds like one speaker is less efficient which could be caused by the bias being too low on that speaker.

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            Hello SLOG,

            I was listening to my 645s the other night and noticed something odd. While playing a game I came upon a waterfall to the left of my character. When that same waterfall moved to the right during exploration, I noticed a difference in sound.

            The left speaker had more high-frequency energy than the right. I could repeatedly hear this difference by panning the camera left to right and vice versa.

            I got up and examined the backplates to make sure the Brilliance controls matched and they were both set to “Max.”

            I then switched to Youtube and listened to some white noise. I perceived a similar, albeit less noticeable, difference when I moved my head closer to one speaker over the other.

            I have yet to go through the standard troubleshooting checklist of switching speaker cables, backplates, etc to isolate the problem.

            Has anyone experienced anything similar before? Is it possible the Brilliance pots might be different at their max position?

            Could panel damage create this sound difference?

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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