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        P.S. – Happy Holidays to all SLOGers and best wishes for 2022!

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          I’ve owned and used a Sound Lab Marquee for about 18 years. It’s a great (I believe the best) center channel match for the full-range speakers short of a Dynasty or another full-range model. I highly recommend it and I sold one to a customer about 10 years ago. Mine still works flawlessly and as far as I know so does my customer’s.

          Disclosure: I am a Sound Lab dealer.

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            Has anyone had listening experience with Wallstats or Ministats in their home cinema? Would love to hear your comments.

            If not, has anyone actually heard the Wallstats or Ministats? I am guessing they are quite rare.

            Has anyone found any other surround speakers that could even come close to matching SoundLABS used as left and right speakers?

            And perhaps, the hardest questions of all, what on earth could one use as an in ceiling atmos speaker in a SoundLAB based home cinema??

            For discussion purposes, lets please assume that we do not have the space and budget to immerse ourselves in a Stonehenge array of Ultimate 945’s (although I wish I did) Cheers everyone 🙂

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