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        This is my first post, and I would like to give a brief intro.

        Hi SL owners. I notice the original site disappeared and this new one showed up… Not sure who is managing it, but it is good to see it is back.

        I am a long time Soundlab owner — Bought the very first M2 unheard, serial #1 in 1999 after a roadtrip to the Soundlab site (Park City at the time) and meeting with Roger West and Connie. Marvelous individuals.

        Forward to 2013, I got them upgraded to M2 PX membranes, insulation, new fabric cover, except the inner core panel structure which is 73degree version (same as A3). At the same time, I also got the bases upgraded to Consummate version (Toroid II and “hotrod” mods including foil capacitors). Resulted in ~6dB efficiency gain, it was a good investment. All this time I have driven them with Krell amplification, 200W FB200 first, and later 600W FPB600c. They are a good match, no issues with any frequency or impedance curve with the Soundlabs. 600W makes things better… Despite the high power that the Krell provides, the speaker upgrade helped, sound became more effortless and open at the higher frequency extremes, better midrange reproduction. Yes, I have read and heard a lot about the tube/OTL and high power SS debates, stayed on sidelines, and enjoyed the “perfect” setup while reading and keeping informed about what others experience. Recently, well, 4 years ago, got the OTL itch in a local DIY audio club meeting and built equivalent of Atmasphere MA-2 (first a half-scaled down stereo version with separate amp and power supply boxes, and later the full scale mono blocks with separate amp and power supply boxes per side)… But that is a different and long story for possibly another thread.

        It is great to see this forum and posts. Catching up with all the posts so far, checking what others are doing with their setup and ideas. Keep posting…


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