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      Congratulations! You will be thrilled.

      My recommendation is to try them and see. Amp suitability depends on your listening volume, room size, preferred music, etc. That said 50W is not a lot when it comes to driving my Majestic skinny 745s. My AtmaSphere MA1s (140W OTL class A triode) and Benchmarks (400W Class H solid state) both drive the panels, but not to “live levels”–both run out of gas about 95 dB at the listening position.

      If you decide to look for more power, PM me as my MA1s may be available.


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      I’m new to the forum and will be taking delivery of my first SoundLab speakers in early May. Majestic 745s. I’m wondering if my current amps will be sufficient to properly drive these speakers. I have a pair of Triode Audio of Japan TRX-M845 Mono Blocks. Rated at 50 watts, and having speaker lugs at 16, 8, 6 & 4 ohms.

      I have read lots that suggests a much more powerful amp is required but I’m looking for actual owner experience to guide my actions going forward.

      Thanks in advance for any responces.

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