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        So i own too many soundlabs.
        M1 panels i just got from Brett and Roger.
        A3 panels (i am refinishing the frames in black will be like new)
        Pristines that i repainted and redid and modified a bit.
        I have another set of a3 frames in Walnut in need of refinishing (and Brett has a set of old panels he can sell me for them)
        BuT alas i only have the backplates from my pristines (i recapped) and a set of a3 backplates that Roger has moded with torroid 1 and made balanced.
        If anyone has any leads on other backplates i could finish 2 more sets of speakers (and they would be for sale at my cost) i wanna spread the sl love (to those who cant afford the 14k entry price.
        Anyway TIA for anyone who has any leads…

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