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        Do Sound Labs need lots of amp current, or are they more sensitive to voltage? I’d think a thin foil cable like the Silversmith would be great in the latter case. What about high current applications?

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          I just posted the following on the “WTBF”:

          Based on their pricing and their uniqueness, a few days ago, I bought a pair of Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables to trial. They’re competition were Nordost Tyr II’s and Iconoclast by Belden — an OFE wire pair and a SPTPC wire pair. Along with the Fidelium’s, these 3 were UNowned audition pairs. My previous Synergistic Research “Absolute Reference” cables developed a short, so I was in need of speaker cables.

          Long story short, the Fidelium’s are keepers, the other’s aren’t. There weren’t significantly obvious differences frequency response wise. Perhaps with extended listening’s I might have had an all-around frequency winner, but I didn’t care, because I heard sounds coming from a blackness the others didn’t possess! That was the 1st. positive that immediately stuck me. The 2nd positive was an overall smoothness that was immediately apparent. Perhaps that was attributed to how the notes trailing edges were handled, or to a lack of distortion, I’m not sure exactly why, nor do I care, because it was out of the norm, appreciated and immediately preferred over the other cables. Both of these attributes were niceties with the price of $1,195 (8-ft pair) being even nicer, when compared to the ~$5k Nordost and ~$2 & 2.5k Iconoclast. As such, I too am looking forward to a potential Jeffrey Smith Interconnect.

          My pocketbook was opened and my hat is off to Mr. Smith of Silversmith. It’s nice to see an inventively designed product that performs well above its price point and there is no inclusion of magic boxes (fore & aft, &/or plugged into the mains etc.), mysterious fluid fillings, magnetic this or that, quantum tunneling, cryogenic treatments etc. Of course the same could be said for the other cables I trialed, especially the Iconoclast whose design philosophy is well publicized and widely discussed.

          BTW my front end is a dCS Rossini DAC and my amplification is Atma-sphere MA-1 OTL monoblocks.

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