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        This is not uncommon. Among the things it could be:

        1) a small piece of airborne debris (I’ve had lint and spider web fragments) may have found its way between a stator or rib and the membrane. This can create a current leakage path between the two. Charge (and static voltage) can build up at that spot till it sparks across (the tic sound). The cycle repeats until the debris is sufficiently eroded away by the process.

        2) a micro path through the stator insulation can develop (rare) with similar results. Sometimes this too resolves on its own.

        I doubt it’s the backplate. Backplate issues are almost always heard on the entire panel, not just one spot. If you blow (just not super hard) on the spot where you hear the noise you will likely temporarily alter it. If so then it’s essentially 100% that spot on the panel.

        Good luck and let us know.

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        John V

          By your description you could have some dust or other contaminant that is causing a discharge. If so it should subside over time.
          I’ve had variations of random noises caused by contaminants over the years with the various SL panels I’ve owned. The noise, with no music playing, can take the form of crackling, sizzling, whistling, ticking, etc..
          At times I have been able to change the characteristic of the noise, or even eliminate it, by standing close to the panel and blowing hard into the area where the noise emanates. You might be able to use “Dust Off” canned air to provide the same effect, just don’t point the nozzle too close to the membrane.
          The PX panels are very reliable, Roger has mentioned in the past the only issues they’ve had are due to shipping damage.

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            If it happens again, try swapping the left & right backplates. If the sound follows the back plate, then it’s not the panel.

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              I hope so too. That would be concerning, since it would be a spontaneous failure after only 18 months.

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                I hope your panel is not screwed …

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                  Thank you for responding.

                  The sound was independent of bias. Turning the bias down didn’t change the sound.

                  I did try changing bias to judge effect. The normal crackling was adjustable still from the bias.

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                    What you have described is not entirely unusual. If when you heard the clicking you had dialed down the bias, the noise would have ceased. The recommended setting is achieved by turning up the bias until you hear the clicking, then turning it down just enough to have silence. Changing environmental factors (such as humidity) can effect this. Unless this occurs frequently, I don’t think you have a problem.

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                      Hello SLOG!

                      Posting another noise issue.

                      I was enjoying music this weekend. I sit fairly close to my speakers, like 6 feet. I heard a very faint sound during the pause.

                      I placed my ear close to the speaker, and I could hear something that I could only describe as a ticking or clicking. Almost sounded like the noise when lighting a stove.

                      It was constant, and independent of bias. It did not affect the sound, the speakers were actually sounding pretty great.

                      I didn’t know what to think it was, so I turned off the speakers. I left the speakers off for about six hours.

                      Out of curiosity, I turned them back on, and the sound was gone. Speakers seem fine.

                      I did email Dr. West, but have yet to hear back.

                      The speakers are only a year and a half old, bass focus panels. They are in a dedicated room.

                      I would hope its not a panel issue, although I guess it could be. I baby them as much as one could.

                      Anyone experience something similar before?

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